Zazen -Experience the World of Zen-


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  • Experience genuine "zazen" or Zen Sitting Meditation!
  • After "zazen", enjoy visiting a 400-year-old temple!
  • A professional English speaking guide accompanies you.


Zazen, or Zen sitting meditation, is a spiritual discipline of Zen. It
should be done by concentrating on a state of mind free from delution sitting in the right posture. Regulation and adjustment of posture, respiration, and mentality are of paramount importance in Zazen.
Take the following steps to practice Zazen. First, sit on a Zazen cushion with your legs crossed. Next, place your right hand on top of your left hand with your palms facing upward. Thirdly, gently stick your thumbs together. Lastly,
open your eyes slightly and focus on a point about a meter away.

[Schedule of the Day]
1. Walk to Shorin-ji Temple with our staff.
2. Learn about Zazen from the host.
3. Experience Zazen.
4. Have a cup of Japanese tea to complement Zazen.

[Charm of Zazen]
Body, breath, and mind come together as one reality in zazen to purify a spirit of evil thoughts and find out the real state of your mind. The paramount importance in zazen is to posture yourself in a perfect balance.
1. Sit and straighten your backbone
2. Form a circle with your hands and ease the tension in your shoulders
3. Relax and take calm and deep breaths with your abdomen counting up to 10
4. Concentrate on counting the number
Zazen is a perfect practice and recommended to those of you who are suffering from all the rigors of daily life and those who tend to fuss needlessly. If you think counting up to 10 is a piece of cake, give it a try. Most beginners can never count even up to 10 in a fully concentrated mind. The best you can do is probably counting up to 5 at most. Seemingly easy but impossible, this is the world of Zen.

  • Price:¥5,000
  • Duration:1 hour
  • Number of Participates:1~15 person
  • Available on : Contact us. (13:30~14:30)
  • Meeting Point:
    Tofukuji-station(JR Nara line or Keihan Line), main gate 【MAP】
  • Remarks
  • - Please come with a cloth you can relax.
    - Google map link for Tofukuji(東福寺) station.