Tea Ceremony


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  • Learn the tea ceremony etiquette.
  • Enjoy tea and Japanese traditional sweets prepared by the master for you.
  • A professional English speaking guide accompanies you.


First, experience tea ceremony. The host will lecture you on basic tea manners such as how to enter the tea room, how to sit, and how to drink tea. You will also learn about the profundity of tea ceremony from the philosophical point of view and its history. Next, enjoy Japanese traditional sweets, “wagashi”, and drink the green tea prepared by the host.

The first attractive feature of Japanese tea ceremony lies in its integrated art of Japanese culture. Since it consists of most parts of Japanese cultures including fine arts, craftwork, poetry, calligraphic works and paintings, arranged flowers, teahouse construction, landscape, special set menu of select food, confectionery, you can learn Japanese cultures holistically through tea ceremony.
The second feature is that you can naturally learn the etiquette and formalities such as the most proper and official way to bow and to open and close a sliding door.
The third feature is that you can learn all the sophisticated spirits of hospitality, humility, attentiveness, broad standpoint, and mindfulness.
You can not only learn perseverance through sitting straight for a lengthy period but also many other things such as how to deal with others in terms of a mentoring relationship, which has been almost lost in Japan.

  • Price:¥7,800
  • Duration:0.5 hours
  • Number of Participates:2~12 person
  • Available on : (10:00~17:00)
  • Meeting Point:
    Daitokuji-temple Main Gate "East gate" 【MAP】
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