Wearing Kimono with Japanese Hairstyle Arrangement


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  • Dress up with traditional Japanese hairdo and kimono.
  • Walk around the heart of Kyoto with cool hairdo and kimono.
  • Take the Japanese traditional hair slide back home with you.


Your hostess will visit your accomodation and arrange your hair into traditional Japanese Hairstyle that perfectly matches with a kimono.
She will also kindly put you on a nice kimono.

In addition, she will give you a present, a Japanese traditional hair slide, that you can take home for your memory.

You can enjoy walking around Kyoto with your cool hairdo and kimono and feel that you now fit into one of the most historical cities in the world.

After getting back to your accommodation, take off the kimono and you can just leave it there.

【What is ʺKIMONOʺ】
Kimono is one of the traditional Japanese clothes for both men and women.
Depending on seasons and/or occasions, we wear different kinds of kimono. For example, one of them is called Furisode, and only unmarried ladies can wear it. On the Coming-of-Age Day, most ladies wear Furisode and attend an official ceremony all over Japan.
The origin of this custom goes as far back as Edo era when unmarried ladies danced with this kind of kimono.
One noticeable difference between Furisode and other types of kimono is its long sleeves which mean staying away from bad luck and being ready for the future.

【Charm of ʺKIMONOʺ】
Even Japanese people never have any opportunities to experience the traditional hairstyle. Therefore it will certainly be one big memorable experience.
Wearing Kimono with the traditional hairdo, you will actually feel the true value of Japanese culture. The sensation of wearing kimono will be a new encounter for you.

  • Price:¥12,000
  • Duration:1.5 hours
  • Number of Participates:1~2 person
  • Available on : Tue,Wed,Thu,Sat,Sun (9:00~13:00)
  • Meeting Point:
  • Remarks
  • - This service is for women.
    - Please book as early as possible if you are interested. We need time for a preparation.
    - Additional Fee is required in case:
    1. Before 9:00
    2. The place of your stay far from the center of Kyoto city
    - Please make your reservation at least three days in advance.