Grinding Green Tea Leaves using Traditional Stone Mll


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  • Learn and enjoy grinding fresh green tea leaves.
  • Taste literally one and only tea and experiece how wonderful it is in a specially quiet and peaceful atmosphere!
  • A professional English speaking guide accompanies you.


You can use an authentic stone mill used for decades. The shop is located inside a temple in the perfect atmosphere for this program. The construction is a traditional Japanese-style wooden house with tatami.

The program is as follows:
1.Greetings from the host / Explanation about how to use the mill
2. Grinding green tea leaves
3. Browsing the Japanese traditional houses / Entering the tea-ceremony room
4. Tasting the tea you have just ground (you can also experience making tea in a traditional way) with some sweets / Communicating with the host
5. Looking around inside the old Japanese wooden house, the tea-ceremony room, corridor, etc

Tea Ceremony, which originally came from China as far back as in Nara and Heian Periods, made distinctive development in the course of long Japanese history.
Presently it is deeply connected to Japanese life as day-to-day drink or as ceremonial drink to embody the heart of Zen. The only kind of tea among all used in Tea Ceremony is Maccha, or powdered tea, another special feature in Tea Ceremony. In general, the production process for this specific tea is drying, heating, steaming, and grinding all by machines.
Our program, however, allows you to experience a part of the process in a very traditional way. There wasn’t such practical machinery as a heater or a grinder mill back in old days. It was all human-conducted.
Grinding, probably the toughest process of all, was all done with a grindstone, which no one can even imagine in this machine age. But it may not be a bad idea to keep your nose to the grindstone and make and taste your own powdered tea before you enjoy it.

[Charm of the Program]
Every Japanese has ever drunk tea but you wouldn’t see many Japanese who have made powdered tea especially with a 100-year-old stone mill since the occasion is too far apart from daily life. This is certainly one of the charms that only Kyoto could offer you.

  • Price:¥8,800
  • Duration:2 hours
  • Number of Participates:2~6 person
  • Available on : Mon,Tue,Thu,Fri,Sat (10:00~17:00)
  • Meeting Point:
    Daitokuji-temple Main Gate "East gate" 【MAP】
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