Gold Leaf Putting ~ Design your original plate covered with gold leaf!


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  • An English speaking guide takes you to the workshop after meeting you in front of Kyoto Central Post Office near Kyoto station.
  • The workshop has a history of about 200 years, and the Craftsman himself has excellent skills and got Prizes from Japanese government.
  • You can take your original designed plate to your home!


In this activity, you can put an original Japanese pure gold leaf pattern on square shaped ornamental plate. Following your original design, you put gold leaves on the plate, and it’s done.Let’s make an world only souvenir in Kyoto.

1. The Craftsman gives you a detailed explanation of Japanese gold foil and traditional Japanese culture in Kyoto .

2. You make arrangements for pasting gold leaf by creating a design and mounting masking tapes on the plate.

3. After craftsman applies liquid, you put a gold leaf pattern.

4. Peeling a tape, you put a finish touching by special tools.

5. Take your work to the home!

  • Price:¥8,000
  • Duration:2 hours
  • Number of Participates:2~12 person
  • Available on : Flexible (9:00~16:00)
  • Meeting Point:
    Kyoto Station.
  • Remarks