Japanese Traditional Confectionery Making - KYOGASHI -


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  • Enjoy splendid Japanese four seasons with Wagashi (Japanese confectionery)!
  • Just bring yourself. Our outgoing and skillful craftsmen are waiting for you!
  • A volunteer student interpreter accompanies you.


You will enjoy learning how to make Wagashi (Japanese confectionery), the art of confectionery, with craftsmen's instruction.

You will try out 4 different types of wagashi (3 Jou-namagashi and 1Higashi), all of which express something special for Japanese.

You can enjoy 1Jou-namagashi with green tea at the end of the class, and 2 Jou-namagashi will be your fantastic souvenirs.

【What is ʺKYOGASHIʺ】
KYOGASHI, Japanese traditional confectionery is art of pastry that expresses all the natural beauties including the Japanese distinctive four seasons. It is one of the symbols of Japanese culture. No other confections have more beautiful figure and/or more elegant flavor than Kyogashi in the world.

【Charm of ʺKYOGASHIʺ】
Making KYOGASHI will guide you into the deep culture of Kyoto. Explore the culture of authentic Japanese confectionery whilst enjoying yourself talking with Kyogashi craftsman. He kindly teaches you how to make one for you, so don’t worry about anything but just do as he tells you to do and taste how wonderful your own artistic Kyogashi is!

  • Price:¥6,000
  • Duration:1 hour
  • Number of Participates:1~80 person
  • Available on : Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun (9:00~18:00)
  • Meeting Point:
    "Shichijo" Station (Keihan Line) 【MAP】
  • Remarks
  • Advance application is required.

    Try not be late on reservation time.
    Any cancellation or tardiness of participants is required to be informed ASAP.