About Us

MeetUs Kyoto is a student organization that supports foreign tourists to experience Japanese culture and helps them interact with local people in Kyoto. Our mission is “creating new types of tourism by meeting local people”.

Through various activities of Japanese culture, we offer an opportunity to interact with craftsmen or professionals in Kyoto and with students who will become the intermediary for the host and the guest. Kyoto is widely known as a city of historic value, with Japanese cultures and traditions said to have developed and remained for more than a millennium.

MeetUs Kyoto has established a project to dig deep into Kyoto in order to find the hidden beauty of the city. It would be a great pleasure if we could provide foreign tourists with such beauty of Kyoto and hopefully an unforgettable experience.

About Our Activities

Our activities are so valuable for you because;

  1. these are difficult to find and make a booking from overseas
  2. these are selected ones, as we find them, try them and choose them one by one.

I am sure you can get unforgettable memory through these precious experiences. All the hosts are friends with our staffs. They are all good people. Please do not get hesitate, but feel easy to have a conversation. Enjoy coincidental meeting with them. That is our most pleasure.

How it Works

Director's Message

Welcome to our website. I hope you can find something interesting.

So, how’s your travel planning going? Visit temples and shrines? Enjoy nice foods? You’re right. You shouldn't miss these things.

But wait, why you only have to follow what a guidebook says? Don't you want to discover the reality of the old capital?

In Kyoto, the best way to explore something special is to meet the locals and take part in their long history. This is our philosophy.

Since the capital moved to Kyoto, artists, craftsmen, and artisans have lived here, and inherited the cultures and tradition. The history of 1000 years lives in their skills and knowledge.

Through meeting these professionals, you will find something special. How to meet the professionals? Explore meetuskyoto.com.

All the Best.
Kosuke Shinagawa Director of MeetUs Kyoto